Craft Rookie 100L Dash

Craft Rookie 100L Dash

Super happy to be invited to the Rookie 100L Dash starting July 29th on Team Button with Village Brewery!

We love a challenge and this a great one!
Each Friday starting July 29th two new local breweries (like us) will go head to head to sell out of 100L of beer at Craft Beer Market in Calgary! The first brewery to sell out moves onto the next round.

Come out and support us in August when we are up. We are not from Calgary so we really need all of you Coul folks to come show support! Stick around for more details!



Team Sherman
Situation Brewing Company
Half Hitch Brewing Company
Brauerei Fahr
Goat Locker Brewing

Team Button
Boiling Oar Brewing Company
Banded Peak Brewing
Cold Garden Beverage Company
Coulee Brew Co.