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About Coulee

Coulee Brew Co. opened its doors to the public on Jan 16th, 2016.  It is the 3 ½ year project/vision of craft passionate, local entrepreneurs, Deborah Pallett and Scott Crighton.  Its creation was driven by a desire to restore the history of beer production to our local Lethbridge community, with the added fun of craft.

Coulee Brew is a 16,000sq ft facility, with 2 separate brewing systems. A 7bbl pilot system, and a 4 vessel 30 bbl system. The tap house/grill is a full-service pub style restaurant, with an open concept. Patrons can sit, eat and drink, while viewing all things beer through walls of glass to the facilities production area. Family friendly with 2 separate spaces for a variety of views, it was designed to welcome all in a space that felt both casual, and comfortable.

Committed to making craft a family and community experience, we didn’t stop with the inside….

Our huge patio welcomes everyone with large scale post and beam picnic style seating, a huge lawn and fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs. Full size games for the lawn, such as jenga, corn hole, battleship and connect 5, make the outdoor space as enjoyable as the inside and of course, the beer.

To keep the theme of ‘local’, design materials were sought out on a local, and recycled basis, giving everything from the walls to the tables a story to tell while having a great beer. From our own world renown Alberta- 2 Row barley and wheat, to current experimentation with local plants and vegetation, everything we do is with local in mind. Our name and our labels both showcase our pride.

Coulee has quality beers, created with a respect for the history of brewing in our community, a love of craft, and a pride for all things Southern Alberta offers.

Coulee Brew Tour

Alright. Let’s get ready to have some fun.

Take a tour of Coulee Brew Co. and see where the beer that ends up in your can comes from, who brews it, how they brew it, and the ridiculous amounts of fun we have doing it!

and the ridiculous amounts of fun we have doing it!

On October 21st we will be having free brewery tours hourly from 1-3PM to Kick off Alberta Beer Week. Be there.

Saturday Tours

• Runs every Saturday at 3PM.

• Tour includes a 30-45min tour of the brew house and a flight of beer

• Cost is $15 per person

• Maximum tour group is 12 persons

• Book by appointment.

Tour Rules

• Must arrive 15 minutes before tour begins. Anyone who arrives late will not be permitted to join the tour

• Must be over 18

• Must have 1 week notice

We won some awards!

Coulee Team

Sean ``The Stache`` Cormican
Head Brewer

Keeps extra beer in his stache.

Frederique (Fred) Cloutier
Assistant Brewer
Kevin Kerr
Assistant Brewer

What's under the hat? No one knows!

Cellar Master

Half viking, half still viking.

Deb Pallett

Unlisted from the internet.

Adrian Bruce
Sales Associate

The Southern Alberta Superman.

Marisa Mazepa
Calgary Sales Associate
Bryan Launier
Edmonton Sales Associate
Tim Gross

Safety Time is better than Bob the builder!

Brian Tilley
The Money Man

A beer in one hand, a dram in the other, numbers make him smile.

Lauren Hart
Marketing Coordinator

Does a great downward dog.

Michelle Manners

Fancys a biscuit with her beer.